Flash Photographic Festival 2020

Untitled, 2019 by John J. Vukelic

2020 Exhibition Flash Photographic Festival, Canada1

What is a picture of a word worth by John J. Vukelic

Artist’s Statement:

“Can a picture of a word change how the word is interpreted by the viewer? Is a word seen as text conceived of differently than a word seen as an image? Can a word be seen as a picture and not as text?

Human memory is sensitive to how information was passed through the senses; information through touch, hearing and sight all take very different routes through the brain. The route taken plays a roll in how well the information is remembered. Words do have more pathways to enter the brain than images do. But an image takes a longer route activating more regions in the brain. Cognition and Conception of what is seen in an image engages more of the brain’s resources.

What if a word were to piggy-back on that route an image would take and take the longer route. Would the viewer’s conception of the word change?”

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