Do everything but make art.

I thought it would be great having a studio but I am spending more time running around for supplies for the work I want to do than I am actually in the studio. Need clay. Go buy clay. Need mounting hardware go find mounting hardware. Need lens. Go spend a couple of days shopping around because lenses are expensive and I ain’t paying retail. Finally find lens. Hum and haw for two days. Then end up buying it anyways. It was on sale. So, meh. Am I missing something? How much time does an artist actually spend in their studios versus running around doing anything else other than making art? I am starting to understand why artists like their privacy when in their studios and the value of having a good assistant. The time in a studio is so rare and precious that it is worth protecting.


Adjustable Sculpting Stand

Just received my adjustable sculpting stand purchased from PCF Studio Supplies (link). It does require assembly. But no worries about assembly, all that is needed is a number 2 Phillips screwdriver. Took about 15 minutes to put it together. Total cost $115USD for the stand, $63.84USD shipping, and $30CAD for Canadian Customs.


Studio Space

June 15 I move into a new studio space. It’s a co-op space maintained by a group of professional artists who are looking for new members. It’s a nice space in a great part of town. Well stocked with tools, fume hoods, dust collection system, two enormous air compressors and clean room. Rent is incredibly reasonable at $100 per month. Access is 24/7. ┬áMet a couple of the current members and they were very welcoming. The members are professional artists. I explained I do sculpting as a hobby. They were okay with that and said anytime I would like to discuss my work or need help to just ask. Fantastic!

I learned about the availability of the studio space on the Winnipeg Art Council Billboard (link).