New for the night stand: How to Draw the Human Head and something extra too!

New for the night stand “How to Draw the Human Head” by Louise Gordon. This book was referenced in Karen Taylor’s “Forensic Art and Illustration.”

When one one artist thinks highly enough to mention another artist’s work, that always piques my curiosity. Bought the book on the spot.

And an added bonus for today, not from the book seller but from a friend, a 3D print of me.

The piece is titled … well … actually, I don’t have a title for it.

I like what my buddy called it. He called it “Little John.”

The file for this 3D print was created from a fully body scan I had done a couple of years ago at the 3D Print Show in London.

I am very surprised at the detail the hand held scanner was able to capture. And that was a few years ago. Am curious what resolution today’s handheld scanners can achieve.

My buddy’s 3D printer did a nice job too.

Well done Blaine!




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