Points, Planes, Lines and Grooves: but what is underneath it all

Morning study session reviewing the cephalometric points, planes, and lines and grooves of the human skull.

I have a good understanding of the location of these place markers but what I am running into difficulty is relating how all these surface points line up with the underlying structures of the human skull.

And I find it difficult to keep in mind that the image I am looking at is a three dimensional object in real life.

The book I am using to study from is “Heads”, by Alex Kayser.


“Plane change equals value change”, so says Scott Robertson. Maybe if a pay a little closer attention to the sudtle value changes seen in the photographs I’ll be better able to identify what shape is under the surface giving rise to it.

An seminar being offered at Texas State by artist Karen Taylor seems to cover exactly what I am looking to learn…

“New Workshop – Drawing to Depict the Deceased for Identification”



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