Facial reconstruction of ‘Mary Magdalene’ skull revealed — Strange Remains

Last month National Geographic reported that biological anthropologist Philippe Charlier, from the University of Versailles, and forensic artist Philippe Froesch collaborated on a project to create a 3D computer reconstruction of a face that might have belonged to Mary Magdalene. However, the identification of the skull used for this project as one of Jesus’ most […]

via Facial reconstruction of ‘Mary Magdalene’ skull revealed — Strange Remains

French cleats, reset to zero and ready to launch

Things went fairly well today: frame completely assembled, painted and the French cleats installed, posts got put up, the other half of the cleats were mounted to the posts and was able to clean up the garage and put all my tools away. Job is done and the working space is reset to zero ready for the next project.

Tomorrow Flashfest is having it’s launch party at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. After that event I will put up my piece.